At Pain Treatment Specialists, Dr. George Hanna, Dr. Shane Volney, and Dr. Laura Lombardi offer minimally invasive treatments that can relieve your back pain. If you suffer from severe back pain that doesn’t go away with rest, it’s very important to see a back specialist near you.

If you schedule an appointment at one of our New Jersey panic clinics, our Harvard-trained back pain doctors will analyze your back or neck problem, your medical history, and will recommend imaging tests. Based on their findings, our back specialists will recommend effective treatments meant to improve your overall health, increase your mobility, and make you feel healthier and in better physical shape. Once you’ve finished your back pain treatment, you’ll notice that your back feels much better ad you can enjoy your favorite activities once again. You can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about not being able to clean your home, to play with your children, or to go shopping.

Finding the best back specialist in New Jersey isn’t always easy. It’s always recommended to see a board-certified back doctor. If you schedule an appointment with our Harvard-trained specialists, we guarantee that you’ll get the very best treatments. Our spine doctors are always up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in terms of non-surgical back pain treatments and therapies. We help people who suffer from any type of condition that causes back pain including herniated discs, arthritis, osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and other spine conditions.

Back pain is a common condition that can prevent yours from leading a healthy and happy life. A back specialist in New Jersey can help you avoid back surgery by offering a customized treatment plan.

Where Can I Find the Best Back Specialist in New Jersey? 

We have three conveniently placed locations: in Clifton, in Paramus, and in West Orange, NJ. You can find our board-certified back pain specialists in any of our clinics. So, regardless of which clinic you choose, you’ll be greeted by a friendly staff that will guide you through the whole process, and you’ll get a comprehensive approach to ensure that your back pain is treated correctly, ideally without narcotics or surgery. Read on to learn more about our dedicated back doctors.

Dr. Laura Lombardi: Double board-certified in pain medicine and anesthesiology Dr. Lombardi is one of the best back specialists in New Jersey. Dr. Lombardi is a former Division 1 athlete, so she understands the needs and difficulties faced by people who are passionate about sports, from athletes to football dads. Having completed her Interventional Pain Medicine Fellowship at Harvard University, Dr. Lombardi is a safe bet if you’re looking for a friendly and highly-skilled back doctor.

Dr. Shane Volney: Also double board-certified in pain medicine and anesthesiology, Dr. Shane Volney is a former clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School. He is always up-to-date with the latest treatments and he’s a versatile doctor as he used to teach several fields including palliative care, anesthesiology, and pain medicine. Dr. Volney is regularly invited to speak at national medical conferences about innovative treatments and he helps patients recover from back pain without surgery on a daily basis.

Dr. George Hanna: A nationally-recognized and respected pain management expert, Dr. George Hanna is also double board-certified in pain management medicine and anesthesiology. Having received his training at Harvard Medical School, Dr. George Hanna focuses on offering minimally-invasive treatment options to patients who suffer from chronic back pain.

Will a Back Specialist Recommend Back Surgery?

If you are afraid to see a back doctor because you don’t want to get back surgery, you should know that there’s no need to worry. Just because your back hurts, that doesn’t mean that you need a disc replacement. Back surgery is rarely necessary, so you’ll probably do well with other options such as physical therapy and other interventional pain management treatments.

A lot of patients are unaware that their back and neck pain can be treated effectively without surgical treatments. In the long run, back surgery can be quite harmful and it can have many different side effects. Our back doctors understand that and they do everything they can to help patients avoid surgical treatments as long as they are not 100% necessary. So, before you start looking for a spine surgeon or an orthopedic surgeon, make sure you see a back pain specialist.

When Should I See a Back Pain Specialist in New Jersey

Are you constantly bothered by back pain that is preventing you from doing normal things like playing with your children, being physically active, or going to work? That means that you are experiencing severe back pain due to your daily habits, a condition, or an accident. It’s highly recommended to consult a back doctor, especially if your pain is persistent and worsens over time. If your back pain doesn’t go away with rest, you might be dealing with something more serious that shouldn’t be left untreated. The faster you seek medical advice and schedule an appointment with a board-certified pain management specialist, the better your chances are to avoid surgery.

A good pain doctor will analyze your symptoms, your daily routine, and your medical history and will recommend the best treatment available. If your pain has any of the following characteristics, then you should see a back doctor as soon as possible:

  • Your neck or back pain is persistent and seems to worsen over time.
  • The pain was triggered by an accident, a fall, or another traumatic incident.
  • You tried to relieve your backache with rest and home remedies but it didn’t work.
  • You can’t get a good night’s rest because your back hurts at night.
  • You feel numbness in other parts of your body such as your buttocks, your thighs, or your groin area.
  • Your backache is accompanied by stomach pain.
  • If your back and neck pain radiated down your arms or legs, you experience weakness, numbness, or tingling.

We offer a wide range of non-opiate and non-surgical treatment options that are extremely effective and painless. Come meet our exceptional team of board-certified back pain doctors in any of our New Jersey pain clinics and say goodbye to that debilitating back pain once and for all. You can find us in Paramus, just off NJ-17, near the Paramus Park Mall, in Clifton, NJ, on Route 46 E, past the Ford dealership, and in West Orange, near the Essex Country Club.